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Thanks to our ABC Club Supporters

The mission of the After Burns Club is to provide post burn support for children affected by burn trauma. We have successfully accomplished this through our monthly support groups at Shriners Hospital for Children. Kudos to Cynthia Ash and Maria Martinez our ABC club directors who have done an excellent job!

We have taught children many pertinent lessons such as methods to deal with teasing, how to overcome survivor guilt, and how to let the beauty that lies within shine. These topics are critical to their recovery and successful reentry to society. Creative activities provide opportunities for the children to work on small motor skills while feeling a sense of accomplishment. Lunch time gives the parents a time to bond with each other. All of this is possible because of you!

The Amos House of Faith is having an impact. We are equipping people to not just survive, but thrive after burn trauma. There is, however, so much more to be done. Every story you see on the news about a fire is an opportunity for us to support a family who has lost a home and belongings, experiencing burn trauma, or sometimes even the loss of a loved one. We also have more to do in supporting our firefighters and their families. We can do more, but we truly need your help. Please consider making a donation, volunteering, or supporting our events.

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