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There are moments in life that change you forever. The death of Amos Beniah Page was such a moment for me. Nothing in life makes any sense unless there is something positive that comes from such a tragic loss. The pain has been turned into compassion, the loss has been turned into understanding, the emptiness has been turned into a life of renewed purpose. In honor of Amos, I help others. To God be the glory.


Justina has dedicated herself to helping families affected by burn trauma. She is the founder and Executive Director of The Amos House of Faith, a nonprofit organization established to provide post burn support to children and families affected by burn trauma.

Being a burn survivor herself as well as the mother of burn survivors, she has experienced all the stages of trauma a burn patient faces and is uniquely qualified to deal with these problems.

She has been trained as a SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance and Recovery) trainer, coordinator, and peer supporter. She also works with the John S. Dunn Sr. Burn Center at Memorial Hermann Hospital, Shriner’s Hospital in Galveston, and the Phoenix Society.

This gives Justina a truly unique understanding of how to teach, help, and inspire others. Justina is a founding advocate of Common Voices Coalition, a group that focuses on education regarding fire sprinklers and the role they play in a total fire protection package for your home. She also serves in various capacities within the burn community as chat line moderator, support group leader, and panelist at the World Burn Congress.


She is the current support group leader for the John S. Dunn Sr. burn unit as well as the burn unit Team Leader for Memorial Hermann Volunteer Services. This is Justina’s way of giving back to the community that helped her through her long arduous recovery.

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